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Who pays for shipping?

We do! With our prepaid label it costs you nothing, just make sure to ship a minimum of 250 strips (3 boxes of 100 count or 5 boxes of 50 count)! If you would like to reimbursed for mail please mail anywhere between 5-12 boxes of unexpired test strips, we will add up to $7 to cover shipping costs, and anywhere between 13-25 boxes of unused and unexpired test strips, we will add up to $14.

Do you also want to buy my Test Meters and Lancets?

We are currently not buying test meters. We do, however, pay $1 for each unopened box of the following lancets: OneTouch UltraSoft 100ct, Accu-Chek Sotclix 100ct, Accu-Chek Multiclix 102ct, Ascensia Microlet 100ct, and Freestyle 100ct. We do not buy any lancets on private labels. Please do not ship us any boxes of lancets from private labels.

Does guarantee the quoted value of my test strips?

As long as they are unused and unexpired test strips, (with at least 210 days or 7 months until expiration) and all seals are intact, you will receive the quoted cash value. However, we do inspect every box, and values may be adjusted if we receive your test strips in a subpar condition.

How can I tell if my test strips are expired or my seals are broken?

Most test strips have an expiration date stamped by the manufacturer and are factory sealed. Boxes that are not unused and unexpired test strips will not be accepted and will be discarded without payment.

How do I know what kind of test strips I have?

Almost all brands of unexpired test strips will have a name, manufacturer name and item number. If the item number is not visible on the front it can usually be found on the bottom or on the side of the box of unexpired test strips.

When are checks sent?

Checks sent after 7 business days. Reason being, is we have many submissions and have to thoroughly check all boxes for broken seals and valid expiration dates. Due to large volumes of daily shipments, our office staff cannot confirm shipments.

What Kind of Test Strips do you accept?

We accept most types of unused and unexpired test strips including Accu-Chek Active, Accu-Chek Aviva, Accu-Chek Compact, Ascensia Contour, Freestyle, and Onetouch.

What if my test strips are not listed?

Please send an e-mail to if you have any questions about brand names. Be sure to make sure to include the manufacturer and name on the box of your test strips before you send them to us.

Can I get my test strips back after I send it to

If you mail us expired, damaged, open boxes or items that we do not or cannot buy, and would like for us to return them, please make note that there is a $20 processing and shipping fee. We accept unused and unexpired test strips ONLY.

Can I trade in more than one type of test strips?

There is no limit to the number and types of unexpired test strips you can resell.